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I purchased items from Store #1845 on Sept. 1, 2017 for a total of $30.22.

I took the items home and hung them up for wear on a later date. I attempted to put on one of the shirts on Sept 20, but was unsuccessful due to the fact that it came apart as soon as I put it on my body. I did not think that I still had the receipt, but I took it to the store regardless hoping that management would clearly see that it was a manufacturer's defect and possibly let me exchange the item. I still had the tags that came with it, but I had taken them off to put the shirt on.

After speaking with the store manager, Holly Isom, she explained to me the store policy and said that I could call my bank or pull it up on my mobile account to get the transaction information and she would honor it. I told her that I would pull it up from my phone at did just that while I was in the store. After giving her the information that she inquired about, she went to the back and came back 15 minutes later, along with the Assistant Manager and said that she could not find the purchase. She said that she looked up the 9/15/17 date from my account, which was inaccurate because the information that I gave her was for 9/5/17.

The Assistant Manager said that there was nothing that could be done and that they had gone above and beyond the call of duty in trying to assist me. Holly said that she would go back and look at 2 more dates, but other than that there was nothing that they could do for me. They also questioned my truthfulness about purchasing the items from that particular location. I explained to them that the particular location is the only one that I shop at because it's closest to my home.

After walking back to the office, Holly retuned less than 2 minutes later saying that she did not see a transaction for any days prior to 9/5/17. There was no apology and both she and the Assistant Manager were extremely condescending to me. I returned home and in fact found the receipt. I will be returning to this store this week.

I worked in retail for years, from associate to management, and I understand how store policies go. I was not trying to get something for nothing. I was not attempting to get over on the store. I simply wanted to exchange an item due to a manufacturer's defect.

As a Store Manager, Ms. Isom was not looking out for her consumer's best interest. I did every thing that she asked and she still did not attempt make any accommodation for my lost money or time. This is not the way a customer should be treated for a shirt that costs $9.99.

She, nor the assistant manager were professional in their dealings with me and I do not appreciate being treated in such a manner. If this is how store management treats their customers, I will not be returning to Store #1845 nor any other location of Ross stores.

I work hard and can shop just about anywhere that I want, but I choose/chose to spend my money in Ross because I do like most of the items that I purchase. I will gladly take my money elsewhere from now on.

Review about: Shirt.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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With the tag you can return for store credit, or exchange the item. I’m assuming it had been more than 30 days if they could not find the transaction, or you had the wrong card.

As a former Ross manager I know that’s the only way it wasn’t in the system. You weren’t accommodated, because it’s not worth losing their jobs when they can’t prove you’ve purchased it. Regardless store policy is that non receipted returns get store credit, returns with a receipt after 30 days get store credit. Either the item did not look familiar, or hadn’t been sold there in a while.

Once you’ve removed the tag, and don’t have the receipt the employees are responsible for proving its from the store. I saw many associates get write ups for accepting returns that were just people’s used clothes.

That manager did what she was trained to do. Ross is not regular retail.


Laughing out loud. Everything at ross has a small defect.

Thats why its there. Because other stores couldnt sell it. You get a bargain for something that would normally be twice what they charge.

Keep your receipt next time, and do ypur research on policies. Its posted in 8 different places at every ross.


It's Ross


It's Ross not Neimans


Keep your receipts? It's a lot easier if you do......

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