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Wow! I'm absolutely speechless.

I don't know where to start from or how to explain how sad I feel.

I usually stay away from the Gresham location because there product is all over the floor and I pay more for what it should be!!!!... there was a big foot print ..on the front of a white shirt... for $ 15.99.....


Something weird is that I am against stealing

Ever since I was friends with a manager from mall 205 growing up!

She would tell me about all the terrible stories! And the horrible people

I've worked management for over 5 years now

Some in retail! And it's hard!

I understand everyone has a job to do and there stuff to take care of.

Security is to keep theft less than possible! And the workers are trained to look out for theft!

I love the style of hanging products and number of items for The Doors before entering the fitting rooms

Really good idea!!


It really sucks getting into a room with ripped tags and security sensors broken off. People are truely terrible and selfish

Looks like I'm the one with my purse full

Big fear of mine... I don't even try things on most of the time for that reason.

But whoever these people are, who are held reliable to the pocilys, procedures, tasks to get finished and duties that are the most important of the position they are working,

Need to understand that not everyone is bad


trust everyone

Because I know myself, don't trust anybody!!!

But in the place of work...

Especially with the public,

You need to be aware and discreet

Without giving off a vibe, that I felt today by your workers

I went in feeling great!!!

Had a bad day and my fiance was taking me shopping

And I am not kidding

THE SECOND I walked in there

I was stalked around the entire store

The worker was named Nichole

She seems to be a supervisor

Or she thinks she is

But I would NEVER let someone as disrespectful and immature like she is work for me

i would never let someone who is so hateful and negative towards her work and honestly for the human race in general

Complaining to her co workers about how she hate people and how they don't hang up their shirts

And then complaining about folding so many shirts that her hands hurt the next day

Then goes around the corner from me to the hat selection (that I was just at with the fiancé) and starts loudly talking SO I CAN HEAR HER about how gross and discussing people are and how She will not ever understand people because "ITS JUST A *** CLIP YOU HAVE TO PUT THE HAT ON WHEN DONE TRYING IT ON!!!"

A few F'bombs here and there

And I was finally done!



Lack of sympathy for people's feelings


mocking me; my voice and laugh

And above all else...

The most embarrassing thing that I experienced was...

I caught her walking behind me with the security guard who was chuckling.

!what was so funny???

I turned around to find out ....

And he was laughing At her acting out how I walk!!

I'm in recovery of a car accident!


my fiancé spend a week trying to talk me into going out in public

Because I'm embarrassed of how I walk.

....... you are never going to happy with the things you have to do at work



So how dare you make anybody feel bad when you decided to work in retail

Personally, I can't do it anymore!

Maybe it's about time for her to give up on retail as well

I promise I will never go back there and i will make sure that I make my point across to everybody I can

I don't care if it takes 5seconds every day

I refuse to let this happen again!!!

I have 48k followers on instagram

72k on twitter and facebook...

I work on practicing human kindness

After a huge life change I've had

Nichole, the people you treat like dog ***... I want you to know... it doesn't go away.


and absolutely ruined Ross for me

And my fiancé

Which is a good thing I guess because he was getting pretty addicted to going there and spending too much money anyways..

Now I don't have to worry about it anymore

It was starting to become a problem ...

But the worst part?!?!?



Once I dragged them back and forth and back and forth and back and forth around the store... playing some weaving in and out of asle games

I finally asked them why they were following me??


and they were on top of me???

I didn't even have pockets

Good job guys

Good eye

At least be logical!!

Anyways after I asked

She girl blatantly turned away from my fiancé and I

And started fake laughing

Really loud too

So loud that people started to stare at me.

& was so humiliated and I just wanted to leave.

My fiancé reassure me by rubbing my back

Which to them they thought he was putting something in my shirt or something

The lady pulled my clothes inside out that I wanted to try on

Outside it and inside out again

Huffing and puffing

Laughing with the girl

Looking at me up and down

Disgusted with me

She didn't do that to anybody else...

Sensor sweeping is a must

I totally agree

But the feeling I got, made me sick to my stomach

I grabbed my clothes and kissed my fiancé And then texted him from the changing room about how bad I wanted to cry

How terrible I felt for doing nothing wrong

And feeling like a bad guy when I was just shopping.

I looked under the door and I saw Nichole's feet standing a few dressing rooms away

Trying to catch me in the act

I didn't even try on any clothes

I just sat there and didn't know what to do

The room I entered had broken sensors and ripped garbage and tags on the ground

I knew that was going to look terrible

Even tho the products on the tags were nothing I was trying on

I didn't think it would matter

She was gonna be mad either way

The lady working the rooms was talking to Nichole about why I wasn't moving and how they thought I wasn't trying on clothes....

And then walked around laughing

The second I opened my curtain

They stormed in and took everything off the floor

(That wasn't mine) for 'evidence'

I came out and the security gaurd tashi was there

Letting everyone go past him


Surprise surprise

My fiancé wasn't there to help back me up

So I was ganged up on

I started to get defensive and honestly I started being not very nice back

Being cornered and humiliated? I almost puked

The security gaurd was mocking everything I said while the dark skinned lady was giggling

I never got my second group of clothes..

She never let me try those on

I ran away looking. Everywhere for my fiancé

And he was a couple asle over

Saying that the Asian guy (security gaurd) told him that's where people have to stand

I've never heard of that.

I asked another worker that I personally know and he said that he wasn't familiar with that policy but he wasn't too sure.



I got followed to leave by Nichole and tashi

Talking sarcastically to eachother about how

"Funny I am"

I have never been so disrespected!!!

I know in my heart

Life will teach them a lesson

For treating people so bad

But I pray to the Lord

They don't put anybody else threw what I went threw!!!!!!!

I hope these people are talked to

And they understand how horrible they are as workers

Please somebody get back to me.

I'm not letting this go until so!!

The longer i thought about it

The more sick I got

Please don't let them bully someone else!!

My dad is a Attorny and I called him the second I stepped out

He pointed or something to me and my fiancé

It was completely racists...

I am blonde hair and blue eyed

My fiancé is a white dude with brown hair....

Natasha was Hispanic

The security guard was Asian

And the dressing room lady was African America

Just because I'm white

Doesn't mean that is t racists

Thanks Dad for reminding me of that!!!

This is a *** up world we live in

But that was completely out of line and out of control

Please please get back to me before I take this any further!

I don't want to make a bigger deal then I am right now

But... WHAT HAPPENED ... should be on a news report..

Take your staff about racism

And the impact they have on peoples days


-Rachel Ramsey


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Houston, Texas, United States #1193642


Please just include what is actually important instead of every minute detail in your complaints.

Your complaint is just too long to read.

Douglasville, Georgia, United States #1192616

The only comment i have is that you could have used sentences instead of making it look like a really long and obnoxious poem.

I got a *** headache half way through.

to Anonymous #1201616

Agreed. I couldn't even finish.

Why would every sentence need is own line?

That's not how paragraphs work. Yikes!

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