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If you purchase something with a debt card, how come Ross wont give you cash back?They say they dont give cash back, they return it back to your card.

When you use your debt card it's the same as cash.They take your money out right away as cash, so you should be able to get your money back right away!


How do i complain about my humiliation at ross store infont of my kids?

Hello my name is Menuka Rai, i'm a regular custumer of Ross store and i usally don't shop in hyattsville location in Maryland.But i went to this specific location on 07/02/2017( PG MALL) around 2:30 pm estern time but really feel humiliate by one of your associate.

she open register # 3 and call for next coustomer and i went with my merchandise that i want to get and it was only 1 item. But your associate she was Afican American middle age and about 5'2 tall she totally refuse to ring my stuff and keep saying"i'm calling next customer" and i keep saying i been in the line like everyone else and it's my turn and she refuse me for 3 time's and i spend 5-7 minutes just to tell same thing over and over and i decided to go to another young lady. i'm not sure what type of customer service is that and i'm sure you can actually insult me like in store while i have my kid's around like i'm a little children. i really feel bad myself how could she treat me like that and i don't want any drama infront my kid's that's why i bought my stuff and walk out.

my baby keep asking me mom why did that lady didn't take you and why would you let her insult you ? i'm sorry i'm very respectfull person and i understand sometimes people's have bad day and personally i work as a nurse in Behavioral Health and Adicttion treatment center i know what's customer service is and how feel sometimes. That doesn't mean not be considerate to do what that assiociate did to me. i feel upset ,humiliate,insult and it's imbrassing and feel petty while she treat me like a child.

please i would like my words to be hear and be noticed.

i would like know what type action will you tak efor this cell phone is 443-938-4946


Can you return an item without a price tag but still have the receipt with you?

I purchased an item and now I want to return it but I lost the price tag, the only thing I have is the receipt and I was wondering if it's possible to return the item.


Yes, you can it might be more difficult but as long as you have receipt and item is not lingerie or swimwear you should be good.


My name is Phillissia Little call me at 385 321 2727


Someone is writing out ross checks using William Spenser call me at 385 321 2727


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