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They made an announcement at 10:54pm to come to the front but my friend was trying on some pants as per Carl the manager told her she could... We decided on clothes and started walking to the front and when we got there the said the registers were closed we were the last people.

The store closed at 1100 pm we were in line at 1104 we thought it was a joke when i looked at my phone it was 1105 they had the registers out putting counting money right there in front of us. I asked to speak with a manager he said he was the manager his name was Carl. Then i asked the lady who refused to help us on the floor her name also (cheryl) . she was on the phone looking like and was making plans after work.

When i left i thought i should have taken a picture of her for proof if i had known i would have been treated like this.

I really like those pants and thought highly of your store but your customer service and employees are the worse. Maybe your company would make more money if you had better employees.

Review about: Ross Dress For Less Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe you should have listened to the announcement. They arent slave, and have lives outside of work. Would love to come to your job(if you have one) and keep you past closing time and bitch when you dont cater to my every need.


you always have to give customer service no matter what.


Shop way before closing time? It's so rude to be in a store after closing time.

And that's for any store. But there will always be rude customers that don't care about the employees that have to stay late.

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