The line at the register was so long. I had a special occasion saturday night and i had the clothes picked specially for the occasion.

There was a customer service and two registers. A woman walking around with a vest on ignoring my complaint. She heard and watched me walk out with just leaving my shopping cart filled with items that probably costs about 100.00 to 150.00. I have worked on retail for 4 years and if our lines were as long as they get every single time i go in there, the lady walking around with the ross vest on should have opened register and start ringing up customers.

I will not go back there any more because it seems to be useless. I have never complained before about lines but cashiers can only go so fast. The great stores are closing all over the place and im sure you would like to stay open.

I am sure no one cares about my feelings but i could not let it go anymore. Again i tried calling corporate and thats a other impossible chore.

Review about: Ross Dress For Less Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The women was probably a manger and if they are on register when corporate walks in that's a write up so either stand in line and wait or shop at another store.


You poor creature! How do you survive in this world?

I mean why would anyone expect you to manage your time? Seriously stfu! I mean really, your feelings? YOU are the one who did not properly manage their time!

Grow a thicker emotional skin and just play on your phone while you wait. Or hears a novel idea, how about striking up a conversation with the people in line around you. You know socialize with other humans face to face and have a conversation! I swear it's like you're all a bunch of snowflakes that refuse to accept you're not that special.

A single snowflake can be special but not when you have billions of snowflakes. As anyone who has lived in snow will tell you all those snowflakes are just sludge on your boots. If you truly want to be special then do or be something special. Help the homeless.

Open your home as a full animal rescue. Figure out the great gravity equation.

Expecting to be treated special when you are not is an affront to all around you who have accepted that individuality doesn't mean special. It just means you.


As a Ross employee, I truly hate customers like you. You are more than welcome to leave and shop at Macy's, but no, you are there because you are cheap and want the lowest of prices so shut up and wait in line. That is the price you pay for shopping at a discount store.

to Anonymous #1380784

You only prove the mentality of cashiers and employees your company hires


She probably ignored your complaint because she is a Loss prevention employee which is not allowed to ring or else will be terminated. They are not cashiers and have a completely different job duty then the cashiers. It's also Saturday, one of the busiest shopping days of the week.

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