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I have been shopping at this Ross on Indiantown Road in Jupiter, Florida for the last 15 years. Just yesterday I went in to quickly look around for a woman's top after purchasing over $100 worth of clothes next door at TJ Maxx.

I was met with a strong smell of bug spray (roaches? Lice? What could it be?). It was a nauseating smell that I could not get past.

The shelves were all but empty of products (in some cases one or two objects on a long dirty broken shelf). I beared through, disgusted, and went into the ladies room to try on a top. The dressing room lady barely greeted me and told me to take a number tag (for the amount of clothes I was bringing in to try on). The dressing rooms were so DISGUSTING and DIRTY!

The floors in the store were filthy. See the pictures. There is NO EXCUSE for this to be this dirty. I would never put my feet down on that filthy dressing room floor.

The locks on the doors have been broken for years. I was so grossed out, I left. Again, the fitting room girl wasn't there to take my number and told me just to leave my clothes on the rack (not bothering to take them from me). I will NEVER go back to this store.

My hair and clothes smelled like bug spray when I left. You have lost this customer for good. I hope your store closes and we get something worthy of shopping at instead of this pit. Every single manager, including the regional manager should be fired!

You'll probably excuse yourself and say this was the result of holiday rush, but that is no excuse. There is not ONE STORE in Jupiter or the area that looks like this place. Your company should be ashamed. I'm calling the health department next.

I will also send this letter to the very top of this company. You might think this is funny as indicted by your "I have read and agreed to the Customer Pissed form" -- that is extremely unprofessional and tacky. Just like your store. Just like your management who should all be fired, especially the regional manager Paul Gedwed and the store manager Heidi Ethridge.

I will be spreading these pictures all over my community and facebook. Good luck finding another job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ross Dress For Less Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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