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I went to Ross For Less at Gulfgate Center Mall to buy Christmas stuff. I asked an employee to help me look for some items.

Ross For Less at this location has items scatter every where, has many items in a single location, aisles are narrow, and has clothes and hangers on floor which makes it very difficult for people in wheelchairs to shop. The manager would not allow the employee to help me because according to the manager it was against Ross For Less policies to help customers shop.

I went to the manager to let her know I was disable and I needed some assistance but the manager would not allow the employee to help me. I think this is wrong and uncompassionate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ross Dress For Less Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1328020

just as a reminder, ross is a discount store. please bring someone to help you.

Are 100% focus is customer speedy checkout, efficiency and low low prices.

In order for us to pass those prices to you, customers have to sacrifice certain experiences they might be used to from regular stores. Like carts going out of the store, sales floor help.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1328019

altho im sorr you are disabled, I work for ross and I can honestly tell you we don't have sales floor people, we only have cashiers and the manager, in order for them to help you the cashiers would have to leave the cashiers and not help the people inline check out. they are not discriminating against you, that's just how ross operates according ross's corporate policy.

people tend to forget ross is a discount store, and there is limited budget to what you would get in nordstroms for example. are only focus is customer lines, as fast as possible, and even in cashiers we have limied budet, but we try to ring customers as fast as we can.


I would think that most return shoppers at Ross know thier is very little to no extra service and need to bring a shopping buddy. Ross keeps thier staff very limited and most of that staff is on register or cleaning up the floor of all the stuff people drop.

So every now and then they will help when it's super slow but their are also quitie a bit of people who disabled or not assume they get special priority treatment. And want to cut in a line of 15-20 because they are disabled. Then they quote a non existent law saying that disabled people get to cut in line... never heard of that law ever.

They have no issues shopping for a couple hours, then all of a sudden they can't wait in line because thier disabled. Not every one but their are quite a few like this

Midway, Texas, United States #1256968

Boo freaking hoo, they do not have to help if you are disabled, if you are disabled that is something you have to take care of yourself, not other people, so cry me a river and drown already you big baby

to Anonymous Cicero, Illinois, United States #1260120

You are very rude, you should consider how hard it is for a disabled person to go around.

to Anonymous Spring, Texas, United States #1267225

That's still not my problem. If you are disabled then that's all on you, nobody has to help you. So again I say ,cry me a river and drown a$$hole.

to Anonymous #1300852

Actually it is considered part of customer service to help anyone who is disabled. Better be careful with what you wrote. Karma can get the better of you one day when you wake up and you are the one who is disabled.

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