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1 and 2 store had the security officer followed around like if I was a criminal so disrespectful so very rude would love a call back area code 813-856-8298

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Waikiki Ross manager, Lisa, did not care that a loyal customer was upset. It showed she was more focused on her power trip than to accomadate an upset mother and her baby! I came to Ross Waikiki prepared to do some of my Christmas shopping for my big Ohana. I brought my 2 year old toddler with me. Was greatly disappointed and immensely upset at how a situation was handeled. One of those employees troed to help me, but i was already too upset to... Read more

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No customer satisfaction, Today at 9:10am in Houston tx store 0334. Store management "Claudia" told me they don't need my business that I should go elsewhere just because I asked for help. They are rude and forget that they should care for the customers. Read more

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Please no pets allow in the store. I am alergic to dogs and the last time I visited the Culver City CA store I saw TWO DOGS shaking and scratching themselves and their fur floating around. Please what are we talking about, it is not a pet store. Read more

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Over the summer I worked at the Ross on 200 in Ocala Florida and I have not returned to the store since moving on to other employment. Autumn, an employee, is beyond rude and condescending to not only other employees but to customers as well. She belittles, makes very rude side comments, and is nasty to just about anyone who does not agree with her. When given the opportunity to be manager on duty, she lets the "power" go to her head and acts... Read more

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Hello, My name is Marie J. Anglade and I live in Wilmington, DE. On Friday evening of November 17, 2016, I visited your Wilmington Store. I made a purchase, which included some breakable items. Those were thrown in the bag without wrap. As usual, I asked the young lady by the name of PRINCESS to wrap them. I observed her only wrap the piece around the stem of the candle holder and I asked her to please wrap it well so they don't break. She then... Read more

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I can't believe these stores are still in business. Again today, the check out lines were wrapped around the front of the store and they had only TWO people manning the check-out booths! (Their competitor has SIX!) For the 2nd time in as many weeks, I left my items on the table and walked out. I'm not standing in line for $10 worth of items I could get easily at another store. Plus....the shelves are always half empty! Who ever buys stock for... Read more

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I just left the Ross store in North Little Rock empty handed because Toni the girl working the dressing room took clothes out of my cart and threw them on the floor after continually being disrespectful. I'm extremely upset after having a cart full of Christmas gifts. Read more

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I went to Ross on Breaker lane in Austin Tx last night and was very disappointed. The store was a total mess . It's like the associates don't care about their store . The clearance iteams were all over the place no organization to it at all . Same for the gadget's . I could not find what i was looking for. Read more

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Albany Ross is HORRIBLE. how you hire a person and leave them on the register alone after their 1st day. Thats BS to say the least and a set up for failure. Horrible training and absolutely no customer service!

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